Wildflower delights at All Saints church in Newmarket

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Selfheal 3Conservation adviser Leonie Washington visited All Saints church in the summer of 2013 to review the management of their wildlife area. This area is located at the back of the church, and is being managed for wildflowers. At the time of visiting species such as common mallow, prickly lettuce, pellitory-of-the-wall, wild clary, lady’s bedstraw, red campion, sheep sorrel, red clover, daisy, self-heal, ragwort, valerian and hawkbit where present. Species such as oat grass, fescue, common couches and wall barley were dominating the sward.

Leonie offered new advice about how to manage the wildlife area, and the group have now cut and raked the wildflower area, and have arranged with a Town Council Gardner to cut and manage the area going forward.

One area will be cut and raked twice per year and the other just once. If they see a significant difference in the floristic diversity of the area being cut twice they may consider extending the regime to the other area.

Additionally they will be planting native bulbs in an area surrounding three cherry trees to provide a floral display early in the year before the trees come into leaf. We are looking forward to seeing how their plans progress.