Charities Meadow

The meadow was purchased in December 2001 to provide a recreation area for the village and was officially opened in September 2002 after local farmers prepared the meadow, which was previously used for agricultural purposes.

In March 2003 local children, parents, staff from the adjoining village school, friends and the Charities Trusties planted its boundaries with traditional hedgerow plants and created 2 small copses.

10 years on the plantings have established, a play park has been installed, football posts added and a small area has been left to grow wild.

In a questionnaire administered by the United Charity Trustees to develop a parish plan for a sustainable future 52% said they preferred to keep the space open and 41% would like to develop recreational facilities, suggesting that there was a need for both.

SWT met with trusties in August 2013 to discuss their desires and offer advice in relation to further enhancing the site for sport, recreation and wildlife to help provide a better community resource with improved environmental interest.

Plans to enhance the site include the extension of a wildflower area and the creation of a small woodland.