Great Waldingfield

Old School Wood

grt wald forest

In 2008 approximately 130 adults and children helped create this 3.3 acre woodland adjacent to St Lawrence’s Church as part of the Branchlines Community Woodland Project. Over 500 bare-rooted trees were planted including species such as hawthorn, oak, beech, hazel, yew, mountain ash and buddleia.

Paths were cut so that visitors can walk amongst the trees, a wildlife pond created and habitat for common lizard’s and slow worm built.

Six years on the site is flourishing and wildlife is abundant. The woodland is establishing and many wildflowers are thriving helping to attract various invertebrates, the pond is alive with aquatic life and darting dragonflies and damselflies making this a beautiful place to visit.

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14 May 2015

Church of Saint Lawrence, Great Waldingfield


17 Apr 2015

Branching out for Wildlife

By Dr D L Taylor, chair of trustees, Branchlines Great Waldingfield sits in the south of the county, near Sudbury. In 2001, a group of residents set up a voluntary charitable group known as Branchlines. They have been transforming part of their village for the benefit of wildlife. After the formation of Branchlines in 2001, […]

14 Jun 2014

Old School Wood & Churchyard Discovery Day

Today we explored Great Waldingfield Churchyard and Old School Wood. There was lots to discover in the pond and we spotted common lizards basking in the sunshine and a common blue butterfly on the meadow.