Little Whelnetham

St Mary Magdalene Church

This medieval church opens only four times per year. The grounds surrounding the church building hide some interesting features including varying lengths of grassland, wooded areas, old gravestones covered with lichens and mosses, large ant hills and historic ruins, which are great habitats for wildflowers, invertebrates, wall plants, basking reptiles and small mammals.

Administered by the Revd Sharon Potter, and cared for by friends of the church, the site can be found on the road to Bradfield St George

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15 Aug 2014

Celebration & Lichen Leaflet

The churchyard of St Mary Magdalene in Little Whelnetham is a delightful place to remember, reflect and enjoy. The churchyard offers visitors the opportunity to see wildflowers, listen to birds and watch bats as well as showcasing some rather impressive lichen samples. To find out more about what the churchyard has to offer, take a […]