The Melford Walk

The Melford Walk

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The Melford Walk provides a valuable refuge for a range of plants and animals, in an otherwise largely intensively farmed and semi-urban area. The principal habitats on site are grassland, mature trees, scrub, embankments and wet ditches.

It is particularly notable for the presence of reptiles, namely Slow-worm and Common lizard, mammals, including Badger and bats and over 100 species of flora have been previously recorded, including a number of species typically found on chalky soils such as Blue fleabane, Lesser calamint and Danewort.

The sheltered conditions and abundance of food plants attracts large numbers of invertebrates, particularly butterflies. The site lies east of Long Melford and to the west of the A134 and occupies approximately 4.71 ha. As a linear habitat it covers approximately 1.2 miles. Parts of the walk are designated as a Local Nature Reserve and a County Wildlife Site.

The Long Melford Railway Walk LNR is leased to Long Melford Parish Council and is managed by Long Melford Open Spaces and volunteers who work hard to nurture the plants and animals that thrive here whilst maintaining a space that can be joined by all.