All Saints Church

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A group of committed volunteers have been working with Suffolk Wildlife Trust to create and manage part of their churchyard for wildflowers.

Areas of grassland to the rear of the churchyard are currently being managed in a similar fashion to traditional meadows and a new cutting regime has been adopted. This means that for some of the time areas of long grass will be left and cut less frequently than the surrounding sward to help encourage a varied flora.

When cut the trimmings will be removed after settling so that finer grasses and flowers may compete and when left long the areas will provide habitat for birds, invertebrates and mammals by providing seed heads for food and long stems for shelter and protection.



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18 Oct 2013

Wildflower delights at All Saints church in Newmarket

Conservation adviser Leonie Washington visited All Saints church in the summer of 2013 to review the management of their wildlife area. This area is located at the back of the church, and is being managed for wildflowers. At the time of visiting species such as common mallow, prickly lettuce, pellitory-of-the-wall, wild clary, lady’s bedstraw, red […]