Old Cemetery

Old Cemetery

Stowmarket Old Cemetery – where local history and wildlife meet

Stowmarket Old Cemetery

The old cemetery sits on the edge of the town and is often used as a cut through to the health centre.  If you spend just a little bit of time here you will see it is a real oasis for all sorts of wildlife.  Intrinsic features such as areas of long grass and scrub habitat, combined with the fact it is rarely disturbed, has allowed wildlife to thrive.

Cowslip by Bill Steveneson

Suffolk Wildlife Trust has been working with Stowmarket Town Council at the old cemetery for more than four years, advising on habitat management and exploring opportunities to increase the wildlife value of the site.

The sited is home to many species groups including birds, mammals and reptiles, it is particularly rich in wild flowers  due to rotation mowing creating grassy areas of differing heights.  In spring you can find primrose and cowslip and species such as red clover in the summer months.

More information about the cemetery from Stowmarket Town Council